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Hello World!

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Hello World!

This blog has finally come to a time and is already a fact. I had started it more than a year ago, I even let it go for a day, but I did not get the courage and I stopped it. Maybe because I did not feel competent enough about the "Linux" & "Programming" topic, or maybe I did not have the time to do it.

Now the problem with time has not been solved, but as a friend said, "There is always time for everything." I will try to keep this place live and publish interesting things. The Theme will not just be Linux and Programming, but rather everything - just a personal Blog of an Ordinary Person.

I hope to be useful to you, with what I can and I know. I try mainly to keep the theme "Linux" & "Programming", but here I write about almost anything that interests me. Mainly for Linux, Nginx, Web Development, my work and any other personal publication. My goal is to maintain an informative website.

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