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How to Install cPanel and WHM on CentOS 7

  • Ivan Ivanov
  • Hosting Industry
How to Install cPanel and WHM on CentOS 7

To install cPanel & WHM on your server, run the following command:

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

This command changes your session to the home directory, downloads the latest version of cPanel & WHM, and runs the installation script.

After the installation is complete, you may be asked to reboot your server.

You can now open your browser and navigate to https://your-server-ip:2087/

This will give you access to WHM (Web Host Manager) from where you can finish the installation in your browser. WHM is a web hosting manager that allows administrative access so you can manage every cPanel hosting account on your server.

With WHM you can create cPanel user accounts, manage them, establish pricing tiers, monitor the services running on the server and the server resources, generate user backups, transfer data between WHM hosts, and more.

To log in, enter “root” as username and use your root password.

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